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Enhancing CBT by Drawing Strength From Multiple Disciplines
Topics of Interest
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Sym56Broadening the Scope of Couples Research Beyond the Dyad: Examinng the Impact of External Influences on Relationship Processes and Outcomes
Aleja Parsons
Sym126Cross-Cultural Psychology and Couples Relationships
W. Kim Halford
Sym131Variability in Relationships across Time and Contexts: Clinical Influences from Social and Quantitative Psychology
Kayla Knopp
MCS4Acceptance and Change in Couple Therapy: Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy
Andrew Christensen
PD12Recent Research on Relationship Education: Controversies and Implications for Social Policy
Galena Rhoades
Sym10Brief Interventions for At-Risk and Distressed Couples
Brian Doss
Sym57Relationship Interventions for Under-Represented Couples
Hannah Williamson
Sym127Evidence-Based Interventions to Support Healthy Same-Sex Romantic and Sexual Relationships
Sarah Whitton
Sym77Marrying the Laboratory and Daily Life: Ambulatory Physiological Responses to Relationship Conflict as It Occurs in Every Day Life
Brian Baucom
CRT3Evidence-Based Training in Couple Therapy in the U.S. Veteran's Administration
Andrew Christensen
Sym25Couples and the Emotional Cycles of Military Deployment
Steven Sayers
PD25Developing a Career in LGBT Clinical Research: How to Address Barriers and Identify Unique Training Opportunities
Michael Newcomb
Sym5Advances in Trauma Research in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Populations
Brian Feinstein
Sym63Response to Trauma and PTSD in the Context of Romantic Couples
Keith Renshaw
Sym53Adapting Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Techniques to Treat Intimate Partner Violence
Erika Lawrence



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