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Enhancing CBT by Drawing Strength From Multiple Disciplines
Message From ABCT's President
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Message From ABCT's President

Dean McKay, Ph.D., ABPP, Fordham University

Dean McKay, Ph.D. It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the 48th Annual Convention of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies. Having the conference in Philadelphia is sure to please all who attend. The venue is a great one, the city is terrific, and so what better place to get the latest scientific developments in cognitive-behavior therapy.

I'd like to take a moment to highlight two important facets of the convention. First, in my personal experience, the Annual Convention of ABCT is one of the best places to hear from, and speak directly to, the top thinkers of our profession. Since the convention is designed to maximize accessibility, the experience is always personalized, making the opportunities to integrate the most current research and therapeutic procedures into your own practice and programs of investigation.

The second is the intimate nature of the convention. I've been attending ABCT's Annual Convention every year since I was a graduate student, at the 25th convention. I was impressed then, and continue to be now, by how this annual meeting is distinguished by the degree that attendees can hear from, and talk directly to, so many distinguished colleagues in one place.

This year, the theme is Enhancing CBT by Drawing Strength From Multiple Disciplines Within the Social Sciences. The impetus for this theme was to bring back to the forefront some of the sources that have influenced the practice of CBT. Social, developmental, experimental, and neuroscience, to name just a few, have all converged, powerfully contributing to what is now a mature and influential approach to therapy. In order to continue to progress as a science, reminding us of these influences is apropos.

ABCT's Annual Convention is rich with history on the one hand, and visionary on the other. The history comes from how the theories that underlie CBT continue to inform the practice today. The visionary aspect comes from the continued innovation in delivery of CBT that is on display each year.

Enjoy the convention!



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