Topics of Interest | Schizophrenia or Severe Mental Illness

Enhancing CBT by Drawing Strength From Multiple Disciplines
Topics of Interest
Schizophrenia or Severe Mental Illness
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Mn WK2Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy: An Evidence-Based Program for Individuals With Schizophrenia, in and out of the Hospital
Paul Grant
Sym61Social Cognition in Schizophrenia: We Know It's Important; Do We Know What It Is?
Kristin Healey
PD21The Multidisciplinary Past and Future of Evidence-Based Treatments for Serious Mental Illnesses
Jerome Yoman
PD16Integration of Recovery into Services Across Settings for People with SMI: How and Why?
Charlie Davidson
Sym82Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Persons with Serious Mental Illness: Recent Research on Cognitive Restructuring, Prolonged Exposure, and EMDR
Kim Mueser
WK 11Cognitive Behavioral Social Skills Training: An Introduction and Overview
Eric Granholm
PD1Next Generation CBT for Psychosis: Incorporating Mindfulness and Acceptance into Treatment
Brandon Gaudiano
Sym2New Advances in Cognitive Therapy for Schizophrenia
Paul Grant
PD10Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Intensive Behavioral and Social Learning-Oriented Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs: Alternative Approaches
Jason Vogler



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