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Enhancing CBT by Drawing Strength From Multiple Disciplines
Topics of Interest
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CGR1Focusing on Psychosocial Interventions Targetings ADHD Across Children, Adolescents and Adults
Steve Evans
Sym85Tailoring Assessment and Intervention for ADHD in Higher Education through Translational and Clinical Science
Laura Knouse
CRT9Addressing Functional Impairments in ADHD: Assessment and Treatment Across the Lifespan
Richard Gallagher
Sym15Co-morbidity of ADHD and Unipolar Depression: Patterns of Co-Occurrence, Psychosocial Explanations, and Structural Neuroimaging Findings
Michael Meinzer
Sym8Moderators, Mediators, and Predictors of Psychosocial Treatment Response Among Children and Youth with ADHD
Jenelle Nissley-Tsiopinis
Sym28Behavior Analysis and Pharmacotherapy in the Treatment of ADHD: Synergy of Effects
Michael Manos
Sym86Treatment Development for Children and Adolescents with ADHD and Behavior Disorders: Promoting Engagement, Integrity, and Successful Outcomes
George DuPaul



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