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Enhancing CBT by Drawing Strength From Multiple Disciplines
Topics of Interest
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MCS6When Anxiety Traps Emerging Adults and Their Parents: Developmentally Informed CBT for the "Failure to Launch"
Anne Marie Albano
I ATreatment of Phobic and Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents: Where to From Here?
Thomas Ollendick
Sym55Peer Victimization and Depression During Adolescence: Understanding Pathways to Vulnerability
Liza Rubenstein
Sym115The Hopelessness Theory Turns 25: Current Status and Future Directions
Evan Kleiman
PDWorking with Families of Suicidal Adolescents: Empirically-based Clinical Strategies
Michele Berk
CGR1Focusing on Psychosocial Interventions Targeting ADHD Across Children, Adolescents and Adults
Steve Evans
Sym15Co-morbidity of ADHD and Unipolar Depression: Patterns of Co-Occurrence, Psychosocial Explanations, and Structural Neuroimaging Findings
Michael Meinzer
Sym8Moderators, Mediators, and Predictors of Psychosocial Treatment Response Among Children and Youth with ADHD
Jenelle Nissley-Tsiopinis
Sym28Behavior Analysis and Pharmacotherapy in the Treatment of ADHD: Synergy of Effects
Michael Manos
Sym86Treatment Development for Children and Adolescents with ADHD and Behavior Disorders: Promoting Engagement, Integrity, and Successful Outcomes
George DuPaul
Sym38Novel and Innovative Applications of Evidence-Based Treatments for Emotional Disorders in Adolescent Patients
Anu Asnaani



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