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Enhancing CBT by Drawing Strength From Multiple Disciplines
Topics of Interest
Health Psychology
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Sym66Developing and Disseminating Contingency Management Interventions for Behavior Change
Carla Rash
Sym125Novel Mechanisms Linking Anxiety and Substance Abuse
Joshua Magee
Sym77Marrying the Laboratory and Daily Life: Ambulatory Physiological Responses to Relationship Conflict as It Occurs in Every Day Life
Brian Baucom
CRT2Treating Patients Suffering from Insomnia and Chronic Pain
Robert Meyers
Sym43Adding Physical Activity to Your Clinical Practice: Models, Methods, and Mechanisms
M. Alexandra Kredlow
Sym33Families Under Stress: Processes of Parenting as Novel Targets for Intervention
Bruce Compas
WK4Preparing for the Role of Behavioral Health Consultant and Translating CBT Principles to Integrated Primary Care
Risa Weisberg
PD22Sleep and Psychopathology: Bidirectional Impacts Across the Lifespan
Michelle Capozzoli
Sym1Innovative Uses of Technology to Enhance Intervention in the Domains of Binge Eating, Obesity and Physical Activity
Meghan Butryn



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