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ABCT 2016 Convention: Fun 50th Awards

Katie Baucom, Anne Donnelly and Art Blume, members of the Awards and Recognition Committee, are pleased to announce those members and staff who have done extraordinary work in the field or for the Association. We hope these awards bring a smile of recognition and appreciation. Please congratulate these winners in person during the convention. They will be wearing a special 50th Anniversary ribbon!

Longest running editors:

George Ronan wins for tBT editor at 6 years

Cyril Franks wins for Newsletter editor at 8 years

Rosemery Nelson and Donald Hartmann are tied for Behavioral Assessment editor at 4 years each

Hardest staple to remove from a manuscript: Adrian Wells-Metacognitive Therapy for PTSD

Most popular reprint from tBT How to Establish Your Own Practice by Barry S. Lutbetkin

Cognitive and Behavioral Practice- Top 3 Cited Articles: (first author credited)

Patrick W. Corrigan,
The impact of stigma or severe mental illness
(1998) Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 5 (2), pp. 201-222. Cited 171 times

G. Alan Marlatt,
Buddhist philosophy and the treatment of addictive behavior
(2002) Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 9 (1), pp. 44-50. Cited 124 times.

Philip C. Kendall,
Breathing life into a manual: Flexibility and creativity with manual- based treatments
(1998) Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 5 (2), pp. 177-198. Cited 123 times.

Cognitive and Behavioral Practice-Top 3 Published Authors:

Philip C. Kendall (15)
Michael W. Otto (12)
Anne Marie Albano (11)

Behavior Therapy-Top 3 Cited Articles:: (first author credited)

Edna B. Foa,
Behavioral/cognitive conceptualizations of post-traumatic stress disorder
(1989) Behavior Therapy, 20 (2), pp. 155-176. Cited 697 times.

Neil S. Jacobson,
Psychotherapy outcome research: Methods for reporting variability and evaluating clinical significance
(1984) Behavior Therapy, 15 (4), pp. 336-352. Cited 672 times.

Martin E.P. Seligman,
Phobias and preparedness
(1971) Behavior Therapy, 2 (3), pp. 307-320. Cited 589 times.

Behavior Therapy-Top 3 Published Authors:

David H. Barlow (43)
Edward B. Blanchard (36)
Rex Forehand(28)

Longest functioning SIG Student SIG, Women's Issues in Behavior Therapy SIG

Highest attended ABCT Annual Convention: New York City in 2009 with 4,285 attendees

Best attended webinar: February 2013 - Allison Harvey, Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)
and Transdiagnostic Sleep Problems in Clinical Practice: Basics and Beyond

Person who has served in the most governance positions: Linda Sobell: Nominations and Elections Chair, Membership Issues Coordinator, Workshops Chair, Secretary Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair, Representative-at-Large, President.

Best ABCT mascot: Little Miss Liesl Leigh, our beloved mini dachshund!

First 5 students to register for the convention:

Ashley Shaw University of Miami
Pooja N. Dave University of Chicago
Erin Underbrink Seattle Pacific University
Lauren Rutter Boston University
Igor Marchetti Ghent University

Most acronyms used in a committee report: Kevin Arnold!

Most entertaining/fun speaker: Art Freeman's 1996 Presidential Address!

Person/people who attended most conventions:Tom Dowd

Best vomit recipes: Tie:

Anne Marie Albano
Lyn Bufka
Katherine Martinez

Josh Spitalnick
Steven D. Tsao

Best vomit facilitator:Bruce Chorpita (for sitting with completed recipe on his shirt to assist in treatment)

Biggest Foodieperson who has given best restaurant recommendations at a convention: Cheryl Carmin

Person who lost most games to Linda Sobell: Ron Prince

Only person to ever win a game of racquetball against Linda Sobell: Ron Prince (and just one, Sobell, wants you to know)

Best Saturday night dance party entertainment: 1996, our 30th Annual Convention, Don Sugai a member who was the lead singer in a rock and roll band!

Person who recruited most students to ABCT: Mitchell Schare

All In The Family-multiple generations in ABCT:

Richard and Gregory Stuart (father and son)
Lizette Peterson-Homer (deceased) and Kestrel Homer (mother and daughter)
Alloy and Adrienne Lynn Romer (mother and daughter)
Donald Baucom and his son Brian Baucom and daughter in-law Katherine J. W. Baucom

Highest rank in the military while a member:

Col Wayne Talcott (retired)
Col Tracey Neal-Walden

Highest rank while serving in a committee or on the Board: tie, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Detweiler, USAF; Commander Jeff Goodie, PHS

Best dancer at Sat night party - Hank Robb

Most ABCT spirit at Sat night party - Don Baucom

Member for 50 consecutive years:

David H. Barlow
W. Stewart Agras
Steven Kurtz
Richard B. Stuart
Dorothy Susskind

Most effective changes to a web page as chair-As chair of the Clinical Directory and Referral Issues, revamped Find a CBT Therapist: Robert Schachter

Most unofficial Podcasts for ABCT: Jonathan S. Abramowitz

Most enthusiastic Membership Chair and spokesperson: Hilary Vidair

Most effective partnership for ABCT Webinars: Kelly Koerner

Best Use of Twitter by an ABCT Past President: Anne Marie Albano: aka Queen of the Tweets!

1st Leader board champion on ABCT's Mobile convention app: Alyssa Ward

Member acknowledged for "heavy lifting" - Getting Fellow status on the ABCT Map: the Jolliest Good Fellow: David DiLillo

Most Learned Member, based on the number of cumulative ticketed sessions attended: Michael Nussinbaum

Most effective videographers on getting ABCT Past Presidents recorded for our 50th Anniversary and posted to our web site:Kristene Doyle and Katharina Kircanski

Highest number of Fact Sheets-signed, sealed, and delivered: Tim Bruce

Herald of the new membership and convention year: Ira Halper

Most expansive outreach conducted through days as editor of tBT and as the chair of ABCT's ambassadors: Kate Gunthert

Highest number of specialties indicated: Phyliss Gildston

Consistently largest number of delegates and students to an ABCT Annual Convention from a country not the US: Yuji Sakano

Most exotic use of terrifying creatures to invoke phobia during a professional presentation: Lars Jaren Ost

Most Unique Exposure: Aude Henin, Ph.D. Justin Bieber exposure for fear of vomiting

Most unique view from an office window: Carol Friedland has a view of Augustus Caesar's rear end (statue outside her office window)

Office on the highest floor of a skyscraper: David H. Rosmarin-59th floor of the Empire State Building

Office on the smallest island: Mike Wydo with an office on Terminal Island, a man-made island in the southernmost tip of the port of LA

Member traveling thousands of miles to treat a client:

6,654 miles William Pelham Saudi Arabia to provide Parent Training and school consult
7,669 miles Lynn Bufka Pune, India to provide psychoeducation and some exposure

First recipient of ABCT's President's New Researcher Award: Dianne Chambless

Most ribbons awarded at a single convention:tie: Art Nezu and Art Freeman

Outstanding ABCT Staff:

Mary Jane Eimer, Executive Director Extraordinaire

David Teisler, Director of Communications

Linda M. Still, Director of Education and Meeting Services

Tammy A. Schuler, Ph.D., Director of Outreach and Partnerships

Stephanie Schwartz, MSW, Managing Editor/Advertising Manager

Tonya Childers, Administrative Secretary/
Convention Registrar/Exhibits Manager

Barbara Mazzella, Administrative Secretary

Sue Bezares, Membership Services Associate

Jeff Gamble, Technology Administrator

Kelli Long-Jatta, Bookkeeper

Lisa Yarde, Extraordinary Pinch Hitter in Time of Need



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