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ABCT Convention 2016
Message from Program Chair
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Katharina Kircanski, Ph.D., Emotion and Development Branch, National Institute of Mental Health

Welcome to ABCT's 50th Anniversary! As the 2016 Program Chair, I am delighted to welcome you to New York for this historic and celebratory occasion.

Indeed, there is much to celebrate. Founded in 1966 by 10 maverick behaviorists who opposed the dominant psychoanalytic model of the time, our organization now boasts over 5,200 members worldwide and continues to be at the forefront of scientific psychology and empirically-supported treatment. Simultaneously, our organization faces significant questions and challenges for the future ahead. For example, we grapple with issues such as the dissemination of interventions on a global scale and integration of the growing neuroscientific perspective with behavioral research and treatment.

As you may have already noticed, we are doing things a little differently for the 50th Annual Convention. The theme of the convention, Honoring the Past, Envisioning the Future," is intended to showcase research and clinical work that aligns with one of four broad, crosscutting topics central to the recent history and future of ABCT: technology and treatment; cognitive science and transdiagnostic principles; neuroscience and psychological treatment; and dissemination and implementation. On Friday and Saturday, we are featuring a set of Invited Panels on these crosscutting topics. The luminary speakers will highlight advances in science and practice in each of these domains:

Technology and Treatment
Chair: Christopher Fairburn
Panelists: Kathleen Carroll, Ellen Frank, David Mohr, Ricardo Muñoz

Cognitive Science and Transdiagnostic Principles
Chair: Steven Hollon
Panelists: Emily Holmes, Jutta Joormann, Matthew Nock, Bethany Teachman

Neuroscience and Psychological Treatment
Chair: Michelle Craske
Panelists: Eric Nestler, Elizabeth Phelps, Mary Phillips, Daniel Pine

Dissemination and Implementation
Chair: David Barlow
Panelists: Bruce Chorpita, David Clark, Edna Foa, Vikram Patel

In addition, David Clark will present the Lifetime Achievement Award Address, focused on trying to solve the tricky problem of how to disseminate evidence-based therapies to the public. Finally, in the Presidential Address, Michelle Craske will outline her vision for the future of behavioral and cognitive therapies, and the ways in which our field and ABCT can progress in leaps and bounds.

Please note that we have a unique, longer convention schedule this year. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday each start earlier and end later than usual; many more presentations will occur on Sunday, and the convention ends on Sunday at 1:15pm. We had a record number of submissions this year, and we extended the schedule in order to accommodate both the usual sessions and special anniversary events. We strongly encourage you to stay through Sunday at 1:15 pm.

Words cannot express my gratitude for the opportunity to serve as Program Chair. I am extremely grateful to President Michelle Craske and the ABCT Board for giving me this opportunity. The 50th Anniversary "takes a village," and it has been an honor and privilege to be a part of this village. First, I would like to thank the record 347 members of the 2016 Program Committee; their expertise, diligence, and flexibility resulted in an exceptional program. Second, the chairs of the Convention and Education Issues Committees did a truly exceptional job, as usual, with this year's program: Jeff Goodie (CIT), Aidan Wright (AMASS), Lauren Weinstock (Institutes), Sarah Kertz (MCS), Risa Weisberg (Research & Professional Development), and Barbara Kamholz (Workshops). This is Jeff Goodie's final year as the Coordinator of Convention and Education Issues, and we all are indebted to Jeff for his tremendous leadership in convention planning over the past several years. Third, I am grateful for the invaluable wisdom and guidance of Terry Wilson, chair of the 50th Anniversary Committee, who envisioned many aspects of this historic convention. Also instrumental in these efforts were Executive Director, Mary Jane Eimer, and Representatives-at-Large Sabine Wilhelm and Sandra Pimentel. Fourth, I would like to thank all of the ABCT Central Office Staff and Web Editor, Kristene Doyle, for their dedication to the 50th Anniversary initiatives and events. Fifth, I am incredibly thankful for the assistance of two people in particular. Linda Still, Director of Education and Meeting Services, guided us through our first year working with the new online system, Cadmium, and our unique convention schedule this year. Last and definitely not least, I am incredibly grateful to Andrea Gold, Assistant Program Chair, who provided steadfast support and diligence that greatly facilitated this entire process. Thank you, Linda and Andrea!

Best wishes to you all, and have a wonderful time at the convention!



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