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Traveling to the ABCT Convention in Toronto

Current rules impel everyone from every country arriving in Canada by air, land, and sea to have a passport or equivalent travel document. (Some exceptions apply to children's passport requirements).

For U.S. citizens full information and passport applications are available at Generally passport applications or renewals are processed in 4 to 6 weeks. Passports must be renewed every 10 years. Additional fees are charged for quicker expedited service.

Besides an up-to-date passport, visitors may instead have an equivalent travel document, such as a NEXUS Card. This card has been devised by a partnership between the Canada and U.S. border services that pre-approves entry for travelers by land, sea, or air between Canada and U.S. An added benefit is designated and faster lanes at border crossings and airports. Application process involves interview, a retinal scan, and fingerprinting. Both U.S. and Canadian citizens apply through U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The NEXUS card has an additional fee.

There is also a U.S. Passport Card: This U.S. Department of State-issued ID is valid for entry into Canada by land or sea, though not valid for international air travel.

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