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Travel Canada Travel Requirements
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Travel for American Federal Employees

American federal employees wishing to attend the ABCT Annual Convention will need to apply for a government employee passport. If people try to attend the conference with a personal passport they will need to use vacation time rather than "authorized absence," which is typical for work-related travel.

If the traveler has a US Tourist Passport, the following items are required to request an Official Passport:

  1. Passport Application DS-82 with original signature. Forms can be obtained and completed at:
  2. Two (2) passport photos (2x2 white or off-white background)
  3. Traveler's tourist passport - no copies.
  4. Completed Country Clearance Form (see new form 6-2008)
  5. Approval of Foreign Travel signed by the Facility Director for AA or travel to Canada or Mexico. If travel funds are being reimbursed, the Under Secretary for the Administration that the employee works in must approve the foreign travel. VACO and Staff Office employees must obtain approval from the Secretary
  6. Visa Application with an additional passport photos (Depends on country. Call for details)
  7. Items 1, 2, 3 and 4 must be received by Charge Card Oversight and Travel Policy Services to begin the application process. For all travelers with an Official Passport on file, items 4 and 5, and 6 (if applicable), must be received to release the passport. All items (except item 5), must be received at least 60 DAYS of the travel.

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